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Project Execution

Purchase Specifications and Engineering Design

Having developed an acceptable concept, the engineering design and the purchase specifications for each item of equipment must be generated.

Equipment systems include the design of the down-hole well completion, the use of clustered or satellite wells, selection of a wellhead system, sub-sea christmas trees, flow-line connection schemes, flow-line material selection and the design of manifolds if required. All of this equipment must be designed and specified, based upon initial installation, operation, maintenance and well workover or replacement procedures necessary for the particular development.

Project Execution

The typical approach to project execution starts with assigning a project manager and a team of specialists to define, organize, manage and execute the work. These individuals draw upon resources within the company and utilize specialized outside services when necessary to supplement Canadian Triton in-house capabilities.

Installation, Commision and Start-up

As a project moves, the value of working with an experienced, capable team escalates significantly. In order to minimize the cost of expensive construction and installation equipment, the testing, installation and commissioning of each component as well as the total system must have been carefully preplanned.

Canadian Triton production engineering group has the background to develop the work plans and sequence of events in sufficient detail to assure that only the necessary equipment and personnel are available when they are required. This attention to detail, prior to startup, results in the most efficient use of equipment and personnel.

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